Paracord + Fish Hook = Fishing Line

Paracord + Fish hook = fishing line

In a survival situation you can make a fishing line. First you take out the guts of a hefty length of 550 paracord. Then take one of those strands as your line. Now tie that to your fishing hook. Since you will not be able to go to your local bait shop (Fishing hooks can be made out of an array of items) you may have to make your own. Fish hooks have been know to be made out of paperclips, broken pop tops, sharp twigs, bobby pin, and bone. Finally the only thing left is to bait your hook and find a sufficiant location for a bite. Dead insecsts, leaves, jewlery, and food scraps have all been known to be used as bait. When scouting a location to place your line fish tend to hide in shadowy areas, such as the overhangs of banks, below overhanging trees, within water plants, or near rocks.
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