Make a Gill Net Out of Paracord

Making a Gill Net out of 550 Paracord


Here is a great exaple on how to take parachute cord and turn it into a net. A net can be used for fishing or even catching birds and small animals, something that can be very useful in a survival situation. Make this by pulling the inner core (guts) out of the paracord leaving you with the sheath and fine inner line. Cut the inner fine line into manageable equal lengths, this length will determine the depth of the net. Now decide how wide you want the net to be and set two posts in the ground, also two trees that are close enough together for the desired width will sustain. Tie a length of the paracord outer (sheath) between the two. Next take a strand of the inner cord and fold it in half to create a Prusik Knot as seen in the image above. Keep making Prusik Knots down the line with the rest of inners until you run out of room. A gauge can be cut out of a piece of wood about 1in. to 1 1/2in. to space out the vertical lines. For the first row, working from left to right; ignore the very first individual strand, but take the second of the pair. Hold it with the first strand of the next pair and tie both together in an Overhand Knot as seen in the image above. Take the remaining strand with the first of the next pair and knot. Continue along the line, using your gauge to control spacing. Proceed to the next row in the same way but this time inculde the outside lines to produce a row of diamonds. Continue until the line is used up. To finish off the bottom, stretch another thicker line across between the supports and tie off all the inners in pairs around it. Carry each pair around it twice. Separate the pair and tie off around the pair. Complete the net by securing the top and bottom lines at each corner of the net so that the net will not slip off the ends. Any surplus can be used for attaching the net to supports and weights to keep it in position when in use.

The finished products should be something like this.


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